Pool School

    -one on one instruction specific to your pool explaining the basics of chemicacls, pool controls, and maintenence

    Pool Inspection

    - Before you invest into a house with a pool, make sure you have an expert inspect the safety and operational status of the pool with a multipoint inspection

    Expert Repair

    -fully licensed electrical services

    -installing/repairing automated controls

    -filter installation and repair

    -pump/motor installation and repair

    -salt system installation and repair

    -new heater installation and repair


    * For Repair questions and scheduling call or email us at


    Cleaning Services

    Algae-Free Service**

    -weekly visits that include emptying the skimmer baskets, skim debris from top, brush walls, vacuum, backwash included every 4-6 weeks if D.E. Filter, as well as checking and administering the

     chemicals including the Water Enhancement

    -Optional Service Package can include 2 filter cleans per year after the first six months of service

    **Initial Start-Up Fee may apply

    **All Weekly Maintenence requires the homeowner to maintain mid-skimmer water level and backyard access

    Other Cleaning Services

    -Filter Cleans, Acid Wash, Port-O-Vac, and Salt Cell Cleaning

    *Service Customers, please call or email us at