Algae-Free Service's

    Widely used commercially and brought to the residential sector. Borate Technology is the answer for softer hair, skin and eyes. As well Borate is an algae inhibitor. Have a salt system? Tired of expensive repairs? We have the answer, Borate.


    Service Prices $185-$200 per month plus tax

    -Weekly visits that include emptying the skimmer baskets, skim debris from top, brushing of steps and swim-outs, walls when needed, vacuum and or leaf mastering, backwash included every 4-6 weeks if D.E. Filter, as well as checking and administering the chemicals including the Borate.

    -Complete Care Package include's 2 filter cleans per year after the first six months of service.

    -No Contract or Pool cleaner required

    -Serviced same day of the week 51 weeks out of the year only exception being holidays.

    **Home Owner is required to Maintain water level at mid skimmer in the pool and access to backyard.  Aqua Medic is not responsible for these issues and Customer charges will remain the same.                                                                                                                                           

    Science behind the Borate

    Learn the science behind the Borate water enhancement- how it keeps your water clearer, algae free and increases swimmer comfort! Click HERE